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Allotment thefts

by Sarah - November 5th, 2011.
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It’s sad to hear about allotment thefts – this story in Spalding involves the theft of onions!
The onions, worth around £40, were taken from Spalding Youth Centre’s allotment at Low Fulney.

Now youth support worker Tracy Cuthbert is inviting the thieves to go back to the allotments – either to return the onions or to get involved with next year’s crop.

She said: “The project has seen young people, including disabled youngsters, those in care and those permanently excluded from school, learning to grow fruit and vegetables which are harvested and used for cooking activities at the youth centre.

Another story about crime on allotments – POLICE have reassured residents in London Colney that there will be increased patrols in the area following a recent spate of vandalism in which a car was rolled on to its side and allotment sheds were trashed.

So how can allotment sites prevent theft?
Take crops home with you as soon as possible.
Lock up tools
Have more people on site so the site is busy
Have secure lockable storage rather than separate sheds
Get CCTV – although difficult if you don’t have electricity on site.
Get to know the site neighbours. Give them a phone number to contact if they see anything dodgy – and encourage them to ring the police too

Speak to the local police who will be able to advise on how to make the site more secure and stay within the law.