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Rosemary – grow your own from a cutting

by Sarah - November 5th, 2011.
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Rosemary potted upRosemary at Thompson & Morgan

You can buy seeds and plants at Thompson and Morgan. Or you can do what I’ve just done.

I bought a packet of rosemary from the herb section of my local supermarket. I only wanted a couple of pieces for a recipe I was doing but had to buy a whole bunch. I decided to freeze some and then just as I was putting some in the freezer I decided I’d have a go at rooting a couple of pieces. I was pretty sceptical whether they’d take as I dind’t know how long they’d been in the shop.

But I stuck two pieces in a small vase of water on the windowsill in my kitchen and waited. After about 10 days I noticed one had started to root, a few days later so had the other. After a couple more days I carefully potted them up. Result! I now have two rosemary plants that cost me virtually nothing! I should have tried more! I am almost tempted to buy a whole pack and try and root the whole lot! If nothing else they would be good for selling for fund raising for our allotment!

Of course I might just have been lucky and got the right pack of rosemary pieces, but if you want to try you’ll only be spending 69p or so and you’ll have plenty of fresh rosemary to cook with!