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Clear moss from paths and drives

by Sarah - November 6th, 2011.
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Why clear moss? It catches dirt and debris and this builds up to allow weeds to take root properly. It’s also slippy in the wet weather and dangerous.

You can buy Moss killer online at Amazon and it’s worth looking at a chenical option if you don’t fancy brushing it off with a stiff broom!

This Yeoman 11″ Stiff Broom is one you might want to get to sweep your paths and driveways clear or not only moss but leaves and other rubbish.

Yeoman 11″ Stiff Broom

Stiff bristles to pick up and move all size of debris
Wooden handle
Yellow & green design
Ideal for general yard and patio maintenance
133 cm in length
Sweeping is good exercise! You’ll find it satisfying using a stiff brush on patches of moss.