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Blane Valley Allotment group plans

by Sarah - November 28th, 2011.
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Blane Valley Allotment group plans some great things!

THE Blane Valley Allotment group presented full details of its community allotment project at a public meeting in Strathblane Village Club last Saturday.

Duntreath Estate has offered a site for the project, behind the railway track on the outskirts of the village.

All allotments will be within walking distance of the village and there will also be a community garden.

A spokesperson for the group, said: “We think this shows real community spirit, generosity and forward thinking in today’s climate. The supporters of the allotment are very grateful and look forward to developing this relationship with Duntreath Estate.

“We believe that the project will have many benefits for the community.

“It will allow people to grow food locally, enable more social interaction, encourage intergenerational relationships, increase biodiversity, lower the carbon footprint for the village and help with skills development and educational projects for the local school and nursery.