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Free stuff for Gardeners

by Sarah - December 4th, 2011.
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Free stuff for gardeners

1. Buy a gardening magazine and you’ll get free gifts. Not all magazines offer
free seeds or plants, but it’s worth a look in the newsagents to see whats on
offer. Some offers are stuck to the front of the magazine but others may require
some effort and postage costs. Weigh up the cost of the free gift against the
cost of the magazine.

2. Add a link to this site – vegetable – and they’ll send you 10
free packets! –
offers fantastic value for the highest quality vegetable seeds in the UK. Over
300 varieties with next day shipping.
Their prices are pretty good so worth a look and you can get a discount too
– 10% Discount For Allotments! – and Free P&P on all UK orders!

3. Seed Swapping events – look out for them locally – or organise your own!
Contact allotment federations locally to help publicise it, but also put posters
up in newsagents, supermarkets etc – and contact the local papers to get them
to do a story about it.

4. Freecycle – join your local group. You can offer spare seeds here yourself
and mind find you discover new gardening friends. I’ve given tons of plants
away on my local freecycle group and regularly see gardening items on offer.

5. Speak to your neighbours! Whether that’s neighbours on the allotment or
at home. People will often grow a few extra plants in case of failiure and when
it goes right they have too many! Be the person they think of!


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