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Water barrels – a garden essential

by Sarah - December 12th, 2011.
Filed under: General Gardening.

– get as many water barrels as possible. Daisy chain them together using the bit of kit listed below
– get barrels that have not had nasty chemicals in
– keep them lidded. This keeps out dirt and insects.
– make them child proof.
– don’t drink the rain water.
– decorate them if you want!

Connect them up to the roof downspouts to fill with rainwater. Sheds and greenhouses are worth having their own barrels. Some people think you should have a rain barrel inside the greenhouse so the water is the same temperature. It’ll also act as a thermal heat store too.

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200Ltr Water Butt

200Ltr Water Butt £54.95
This green wood grain effect 200 litre water butt is a must in any garden. It’s made from a minimum of 75% recycled HDPE plastic and comes with a 5-year guarantee. Unlike many other water butts advertised elsewhere ours comes complete with a stand child safe lid Quick Connect and downpipe diverter kit -ready for immediate installation. Downpipe converter kit will fit 68cm diameter round pipe or 65cm square pipe. Maxium distance from pipe to butt is 50cm. The butt with stand measures: 68cm diameter (at the widest point) and 118cm high (2.3 x 3.9ft).

Butt Linking Kit

Butt Linking Kit £7.95
When one Butt is not enough this kit will enable you to link two together easily.The only tool required is a drill.

If you have enough barrels then you shouldn’t need to use tap water for your garden!