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Potatoes at Thompson and Morgan

by Sarah - December 13th, 2011.
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Is this the biggest range of seed potatoes in the UK?
PotatoesHuge list of potato varieties At Thompson and Morgan

This massive list of potatoes allows you to buy individual types or to pick from their carefully selected selection of collections.

Potatoes grown at home or on the plot are delicious. First earlies are always popular – home grown new potatoes are one of the best reasons to grow things at home! You can not beat that deliciousness that you get from freshly picked spuds boiled and put on a plate within half an hour of leaving the plot! Yummy spuds will make you want to grow your own every year once you’ve tried them. Start some off in bags in the greenhouse – potato sacks allow you to move them outside once frost risk has passed and you need the greenhouse for other things. Brilliant way of getting even earlier spuds.

On the allotment put them in and earth them up as they grow. Chit them on the windowsill to start with though so you get them going.

Spuds are easy and so delicious!

Potato ‘Accord’

Potato ‘Allotment Favourites Collection’

Potato ‘Anya’

Potato ‘Apache’

Potato ‘Arran Pilot’

Potato ‘Baby New Potato Collection’

Potato ‘Beginners Collection’

Potato ‘Belana’

Potato ‘Belle de Fontenay’

Potato ‘Best Blight Busters Collection’ (Sarpo)

Potato ‘Blue Belle’

Potato ‘Blue Danube’

Potato ‘Blue Danube’ (Pre-Chitted Tubers)

Potato ‘British Queen’

Potato ‘Camelot’ (Exhibitor Grade)

Potato ‘Cara’

Potato ‘Carlingford’ (Christmas)

Potato ‘Casablanca’

Potato ‘Charlotte’

Potato ‘Customer Favourites Collection’

Potato ‘Desiree’

Potato ‘Druid’

Potato ‘Dunluce’

Potato ‘Elizabeth’

Potato ‘Epicure’

Potato ‘Favourite Earlies Collection A’

Potato ‘Favourite Earlies Collection B’

Potato ‘Foremost’

Potato ‘Golden Nugget’

Potato ‘Golden Wonder’

Potato ‘Harlequin’

Potato ‘Harmony’ (Exhibitor Grade)

Potato ‘Heritage Collection’

Potato ‘Highland Burgundy Red’

Potato ‘Inca Bella’

Potato ‘International Kidney’

Potato ‘Juliette’

Potato ‘Kestrel’

Potato ‘Kestrel’ (Exhibitor Grade)

Potato ‘Kifli’

Potato ‘King Edward’

Potato ‘Lady Balfour’

Potato ‘Lady Christl’

Potato ‘Marfona’

Potato ‘Maris Bard’

Potato ‘Maris Peer’

Potato ‘Maris Peer’ (Christmas)

Potato ‘Maris Piper’

Potato ‘Maxine’ Exhibitor Grade

Potato ‘Mayan Gold’

Potato ‘Mr Little’s Yetholm Gypsy’

Potato ‘Multi Minis Collection’

Potato ‘Nadine’ Exhibitor Grade

Potato ‘Novella’

Potato ‘Orla’

Potato ‘Orla’ (Christmas)

Potato ‘Pentland Javelin’

Potato ‘Picasso’

Potato ‘Piccolo Star’

Potato ‘Pink Fir Apple’

Potato ‘Ratte’

Potato ‘Red Duke of York’

Potato ‘Rocket’

Potato ‘Rooster’

Potato ‘Rubesse’

Potato ‘Salad Blue’

Potato ‘Sante’

Potato ‘Sarpo Axona’

Potato ‘Sarpo Axona’ (Pre-Chitted Tubers)

Potato ‘Sarpo Collection B’

Potato ‘Sarpo Collection’

Potato ‘Sarpo Gwyn’

Potato ‘Sarpo Mira’

Potato ‘Sarpo Mira’ (Pre-Chitted Tubers)

Potato ‘Sarpo Trio Collection’

Potato ‘Sarpo Una’

Potato ‘Sarpo Una’ (Pre-Chitted Tubers)

Potato ‘Sarpo’ Family Introductions

Potato ‘Shetland Black’

Potato ‘Shona’

Potato ‘Swift’

Potato ‘Vales Emerald’

Potato ‘Vales Emerald’ Kit

Potato ‘Valor’

Potato ‘Vivaldi’

Potato ‘Vivaldi’ (Christmas)

Potato ‘Winston’ (Exhibitor Grade)

Potato ‘Yukon Gold’

Potato 60 tuber Lucky Dip

Potato Collection (Christmas)

Potato Collection – ‘Charlotte’, ‘Maris Peer’ and ‘Vales Emerald’

Potato Exhibitor Collection

Potato Minituber ‘Aura’

Potato Minituber ‘Congo’

Potato Minituber ‘Fortyfold’

Potato Minituber ‘Mr Little’s Yetholm Gypsy’

Potato Minituber ‘Puritan’

Potato Minituber ‘Red Craigs Royal’

Potato Minituber ‘Vitelotte’

Potato Organic Collection

Potato Patio Planter Collection

Potato Patio Planters Collection

Potato Perfect Patio Potatoes

Potato Salad Collection

Potato Second Cropping Collection (Christmas)

Potatoes for Planters Collection