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Snow Shovel – tried and tested

by Sarah - December 18th, 2011.
Filed under: General Gardening.

Path clearedsnow shovelThe Stewart Snow Shovel was put through it’s paces today. I cleared five paths in total – all different surfaces to see how it worked.
It’s lightweight and easy to hold. The D shaped handle means you can hold on to it and get a good rhythm going making it easy to make light work of snow clearing.

It’s available in two lengths
40cm Snow Shovel (wooden or aluminium handle) £12.99
46cm Snow Shovel (wooden or aluminium handle) £14.99
The one I’ve tried is the wooden handled one. This is not cold to grip which is a consideration if you’ve not got thick gloves to keep your hand warm when you’re holding it.
It’s easy to swap hands and use the shovel both sides too so you don’t wear your arms out.
The metal edge on the front makes it very good for scraping along the paths and clearing lots of snow off. It does make a lot of noise on some surfaces though but you know it’s there to protect the plastic of the shovel.

The shovel has a decent size scoup shape allowing you to shovel and clear snow by just pushing it along if you don’t want to shovel it out of the way. But it’s not as big as other snow shovels, but this means you’re never going to overload the shovel – it’s a couple of inches less wide than another snow shovel I’ve tried and I found this one so easy to move about even when I’d loaded it up with snow.

It’s easy to store as it can be hung up by the D handle too.
Lightweight and practical winter accessory. Every home should have one.

It didn’t take me long to clear the neighbours paths!

You should find Stewart Snow Shovels in shops. Their website is here