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Wellington Boots

by Sarah - January 1st, 2012.
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wellington boots can be bought online at Amazon. They have several top brands including Hunter.

If you’d like some with steel top caps then look in their Workwear Boots & Shoes section for safety boots. These will protect the tops of your feet too. Perhaps a little OTT for the average gardening you should be doing, but perhaps if you live in fear of putting a fork through your foot they’d help your peace of mind?

And don’t say that never happens – a lad down the road from me when I was a kid managed it!

If you’ve got concerns about how wide wellies are around your calves then buy LADIES GREEN DUNLOP WELLINGTON BOOTS WELLIES WIDE CALF
(Also available for men) – these are designed for wider calfs. If you have trouble fitting into fashion boots then these are a guaranteed fit! You’ll also be able to tuck your trousers in easier to them! Wellies

If you plan to do a lot of digging then a reinforced sole wellington might be a better idea.