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Keep your baskets safe

by Sarah - January 2nd, 2012.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

It is a worry for some people that their plants might get stolen! Things like hanging baskets can be very tempting for a thief. You can secure the baskets using this fantastic product.
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Security is important for gardeners, just as you’d never leave your tools lying about for someone to steal you’d not want to put precious plants where they could be stolen, but when you’re creating hanging baskets you’re doing just that.

Secure your hanging baskets with this nifty security gadget.

Set of 2 Hanging Basket Geni

Set of 2 Hanging Basket Geni £7.99
You can easily secure your hanging baskets from theft and high winds!
This nifty gadget the Basket Geni is fitted with a brass insert and hex screw.
Available as a set of 2 and comes with an Allen key and full instructions.
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This security measure the Basket Geni is a brand new concept to the gardening world and will ensure your baskets stay where they should do this year. This fully weather-resistant device is very easy to fit and will fit to most sizes of hooks or rings to prevent theft of your hanging basket or from being blown away in high winds.
Whilst you might have insurance that covers your garden you’d not want to claim on it for a hanging basket so a small investment will keep your plants safe for years to come.