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Beetroot seeds at unwins

by Sarah - January 6th, 2012.
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Quick vegetable to grow. Fairly easy. Requires some thinning but that’s about it. Water if dry weather persists.
Unwins Seeds & Plants have this selection of beetroot seeds.
Enjoy beetroot pickled or cooked and sliced in a salad. Grate or juice raw beetroots for all the healthy taste!

Beetroot - Cardeal Seeds (Gro-sure)

Beetroot – Cardeal Seeds (Gro-sure) £2.49
Beetroot Cardeal has been specifically bred for baby beet production. It has an excellent globe shape with a refined tap root and has very healthy erect foliage with partial resistance to downy mildew. It is extremely sweet with the highest sugar content of any commercial beetroot.

Beetroot - Kestrel Seeds

Beetroot – Kestrel Seeds £1.99
Perfect beetroot every time. Kestrel is a high quality variety yielding smooth round beets whether grown in the usual way or at closer spacing for the sweetest baby beet. Sow them where you want them to grow or grow in cells for transplanting.

Beetroot - Boltardy Seeds

Beetroot – Boltardy Seeds £1.89
Our most popular beetroot and no wonder! Boltardy can be sown early in the year right through to mid summer for successional crops and is slow to run to seed. It yields perfect globe shaped beets of superb flavour and colour and its flesh is usually free of unsightly rings.

Beetroot - Detroit 2 Seeds

Beetroot – Detroit 2 Seeds £1.49
A reliable all round performer.Detroit is a heavy cropper producing uniformly globe beets of good quality. Early to crop thin alternate roots to use as baby beet and allow the rest to grow on to maturity.

Beetroot - Cylindra Seeds

Beetroot – Cylindra Seeds £1.49
Perfect for slicing the long cylindrical beets have a good colour and are free from internal rings.