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Almost instant vegetable gardening

by Sarah - January 6th, 2012.
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The humble radish can be ready to eat in as little as 30 days.

Unwins Seeds & Plants just added these new lines

Radish - Mantanghong Seeds

Radish – Mantanghong Seeds £3.99
Outer skin is greenish and white with bright magenta flesh and is crisp with a mild sweet and slightly nutty taste. They will survive all but the hardest frosts. Good for salads and the large roots can also be served as a winter vegetable.

Radish Annabel Seeds (Gro-sure)

Radish Annabel Seeds (Gro-sure) £2.49
Essential for summer salads Annabel Radish is bright red and quick to crop. Tasty and attractive a must for the vegetable garden.

Radish - Purple Plum Seeds

Radish – Purple Plum Seeds £1.99
This Radish has a bright purple skin and firm white flesh. It is hardy and stays crisp with a sweet but spicy flavour. A special addition to the salad bowl or for simply eating on their own. Really fast growing in the warm summer months you can be enjoying these six weeks after sowing.

Radish - French Breakfast Seeds

Radish – French Breakfast Seeds £1.69
Perhaps the fastest growing radish! Ideal for tasty summer salads this traditional classic variety has long scarlet roots with a white tip and a mild flavour.

Radish - Mixed Globe Seed Varieties

Radish – Mixed Globe Seed Varieties £1.49
Five varieties in one pack! Scarlet Globe Sparkler Pink Beauty Prinz Rotin and White Turnip (it’s not a turnip!) have all been blended to make this attractive and tasty radish mixture. Crisp with a mild flavour.