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Greyhound cabbage seeds

by Sarah - January 7th, 2012.
Filed under: General Gardening.

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Wilko Vegetable Garden Greyhound Cabbage

Wilko Vegetable Garden Greyhound Cabbage from Wilkinson Plus £0.54
Tasty and reliable summer pointed cabbage. Sow Mar-May, harvest Jun-Sept. Sow thinly in prepared seed bed. Average contents 400 seeds.

Cabbage Greyhound

Cabbage Greyhound from Garden Centre Online £0.99
Compact pointed hearts for smaller gardens. Few outer leaves, a reliable and traditional favourite. 500 seeds S: March – May H: June – September

Cabbage Greyhound Seeds

Cabbage Greyhound Seeds from Plant Me Now £1.25
Good quality, mild flavoured, pointed heads. Can be used harvested early as greens. Excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Cabbage Greyhound

Cabbage Greyhound from Gardening Direct £1.48
Sowing Early sowings in trays or modules under glass at 13°C. Later sowings direct into a seed bed in shallow drills 2cm (1”) deep. Planting Prick out glasshouse seedlings when 6-8cm (3-4”) tall into trays 5cm (2”) apart. Thin module sowings to single plants. Harden off before planting out in the growing site from late April spacing at 30cm (12”) apart. Thin outdoor sowings to 4-6cm (2-3”) apart as soon as possible planting in growing site when 15cm (6”) tall to the same spacing. Other Instructions Well suited to successional sowing. A last sowing in late July should give a crop cutting in October.

Cabbage 'Greyhound' (Summer/Autumn ) - 1 packet (500 seeds)

Cabbage ‘Greyhound’ (Summer/Autumn ) – 1 packet (500 seeds) from Thompson & Morgan £1.99
A reliable old favourite, Cabbage Greyhound produces early maturing pointed hearts of excellent flavour. Compact plants with very few wasted outer leaves.