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The true geraniums

by Sarah - January 28th, 2012.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

The bedding plant geraniums aren’t technically geraniums – they are zonal pelargoniums.

True geraniums are hardy perennial plants you can keep year after year in your borders. Bees love them! I have a purple version in my garden and it flowers prolifically.

Jersey Plants Direct has this true geranium offer

Dwarf Hardy Geranium Collection 6 Jumbo Plants

Dwarf Hardy Geranium Collection 6 Jumbo Plants £12.99
Traditional favourite ideal for your garden
A Dwarf Hardy Geraniums is a great plant for a flower border. They are very traditional favourite and take relatively little looking after. They are good in dry conditions. Mine does well under a privet hedge which can be too dry for many plants.