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Top vegetables to grow

by Sarah - February 28th, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Salad leaves are really popular. These will range from individual lettuces (flat and hearted) to mixed leaves that can be picked time and time again, or microleaves for gracing the dantiest of dishes. Grow in tubs or raised areas away from slugs or use a nemotode product aimed at getting rid of slugs.
Radishes are probably the easiest thing to grow. Look out for aerial rats tail radishes (I have spare seeds at the moment) as they look like chilis and are a little hot!
Runner beans are mouthwateringly good freshly picked. I rate them above peas. Grow plenty and then feed the neighbours too or fill the freezer.
Peas are fantastic straight from the pods. You can never plant too many peas. If you get bored of them then your neighbours will love you for giving them a bag of peas in the pod. Don’t forget that the fresh bits of pea plant are also tasty.

Carrots are delicious and if you have light sandy soil you’ll grow really good ones. For harder more clay soils use tubs of sandy compost.

Courgettes are amazing when you’ve watched them grow over a few days. You can even eat the flowers battered if that’s what takes your fancy! A couple of plants that are well fed and watered will produce tons of courgettes for you and your neighbours. If at the end of the season you discover one you’ve missed picking and it’s huge then save this for halloween carving!

Leeks – not too difficult if you start off in a pot and transplant. And grow enough and you’ll be eating leek and potato soup for months during the winter!
Potatoes are unbeatable for flavour when you plant first earlies – or new potatoes as they’re known. Not complicated to grow and helps clear new land.
Cabbage is something that sounds difficult but isn’t. If you like you can buy the plants ready grown as seedlings ready to into the right place on your plot.
Tomatoes. It’s the smell of tomatoes growing in a greenhouse that evokes so many thoughts of delicious tomatoes. They always taste better than shop bought. Cherry, plum or normal! All sorts of colours too. Need greenhouse or similar space for getting good results – outdoor tomatoes more tricky.