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Brussel Sprouts

by Sarah - March 1st, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Suttons Seeds have this fab Brussels sprouts seeds available

Brussels Sprout F1 Crispus Seeds

Brussels Sprout F1 Crispus Seeds £2.99
Very well adapted to growing under stressed conditions, reliably producing good crops of smooth, dark green sprouts, that hold well.

Pick from September to November. Club Root resistant variety.. Average Packet Content 35 Seeds. Not just for Christmas! If suitable varieties are chosen, fresh sprouts will be available for picking from September to early spring. (30-36 weeks maturity).
When you should plant these seeds:
Sow March-early April outdoors or in frames.

Why plant this variety –
This F1 hybrid varieties produce a larger yield per plant of better quality. The sprouts also ‘hold’ for longer on the stem in good condition.. . . .
Why sprouts are good for you
HEALTH BENEFITS: Good source of vitamin C and fibre. COOKING TIPS: Cut cross on base of sprout and boil for minimum time.

From a budget point of view they offer good value on winter veg. You’ll get maybe 30 sprouts per stem (Should get more perhaps on this plant) but they are ready at different times, with the ones at the bottom being ready first. So you’ll need enough stems to feed your family.
As a side vegetable I generally put 5 sprouts per person (With another veg being served) so work out based on getting 2-5 sprouts a plant at a time how many plants you’ll need. YOu can never have too many sprout plants either!
They’ll freeze if you have a glut and your neighbours will no doubt be happy to have any you don’t eat yourself!