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Westland plant food

by Diane - March 7th, 2012.
Filed under: Wickes.

Westland plant food available at Wickes
regular feeding of plants is important for good results.
Pick the right plant food for the right plant. Different formulas target different growth areas.

Westland Nutri Tomato Food Concentrate

Westland Nutri Tomato Food Concentrate £4.29
Natural feed for healthy fruit growthProduces tasty and abundant fruitProduced from organic resourcesConcentrated, mix with water

Westland Nutri All Purpose Plant Food

Westland Nutri All Purpose Plant Food £4.99
Complete plant nutritionMaximum growth and yieldLonger lasting flowersConcentrated, mix with water

Westland Slow Release Plant Food 2kg

Westland Slow Release Plant Food 2kg £5.99
Encourages lusher and greener foliage as well as bigger and long lasting flowersMaximum growth and yieldNutrient richReady to use granulesFeeds for up to 6 months