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Courgette and Cucumber plants

by Diane - March 19th, 2012.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

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Buying plants ready to go into the greenhouse or the garden is a real time saver and perfect if you don’t have a heated greenhouse to get them started off. It’s an easy way of getting plants ready to go to produce plenty of delicious cucumbers and courgettes.
You only need a few plants to provide plenty. They both like good rich soil, water and plenty of feeding through the season. Pick often to ensure they keep producing.

Cucumber & Courgette 6 Plants

Cucumber & Courgette 6 Plants £6.99
Great Tasting & prolific cropping vegetables
Cucumber Beit Alpha F1: Ideal for growing inside and outside, producing an abundance of tasty, deliciously mini cucumbers. Smooth skinned and spineless they don’t have to be peeled. Much less wastage as each mini cucumber can be picked and eaten fresh. Harvested at 7-12cm in length. Harvesting time is from June to October.

Courgette Tristan: Courgette Tristan F1 is a smooth variety of Courgette with a great taste. a big cropper and open in habit. Harvesting time is from June to September.Cucumbers and Courgettes are easy to grow, produce masses of fruit and will ensure you eat an abundance of green vegetables this summer. A perfect addition to your vegetable patch, or a corner of your garden.