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Using urine for composting

by Diane - March 21st, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Interesting video. He uses it to help break down straw bales and piles of leaves.

Compost needs:-
carbon, nitrogen, air, water and microbes. Carbon to nitrogen ration should´╗┐ be 30 to 1

Straw is carbon, as are leaves.
Urine is water and nitrogen.
Add some soil to bring microbes!

Geoff Hamilton used to swear by adding urine to the compost heap. I believe Bob Flowerdew does too!

Video to watch using a tumbler –

Brown : Shredded paper, cardboard, paper towels, straw or sawdust. Shredded stuff works faster and better.
Green : food scraps
Use ratio 3:1 so you have more brown than green.