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I’ve got raised beds! They’re made from Pallet Collars

by Diane - April 1st, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Pallet collars

Pallet collars - in foreground stacked. Middle two with just muck and far two have soil added. Right one at back has seeds planted and a net over to keep the birds and squirrel out.

I rang the local pallet yard and asked if they had any pallet collars. He had, but they were £6 each although he would deliver them for that much. I bought some and he delivered them within 20 minutes!

I got some cardboard we had saved and put that underneath and laid the pallet collar on the cardboard. I decided I’d used them one high only. The man who delivered them said some people use them three high.

I filled the barrow with muck and tipped it in. It took about a barrow and half of muck to come over half way up. I then got some beautiful top soil and put that on top. My raised bed is now ready to go. I actually have two ready to plant into.

So what do I plant in them?
You can plant lots of things in them – salad veggies, onions, beans, garlic, shallots. You can plant sweetcorn, cabbages, strawberries, beetroot and lots of other things. You could try root veggies like carrots and parsnips too.

It’s going to be fun planting seeds in my brand new raised bed.

Picture to follow!

Pallet collars are used on top of pallets for allowing things to be stacked. They can be used stacked on your allotment although I’d want to put plastic in around the gap between them to avoid soil washing out.