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Chili plant collection

by Diane - April 12th, 2012.
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ChilisNEW Chilli Plant Collection
Limited Availability! 3 Potted Chilli Plants for just £6.95, or buy 2 collections for just £9.90 and SAVE £4!

✓Potted in 7cm pots ✓Harvest until October!
✓Compact growing habit ✓Delivered mid-May
✓Attractive plants with top-flavoured chillies
Experience the unbeatable flavour of your own home-grown chillies in fresh home-made salsa, dips and barbecue marinades this summer!

This fantastic NEW collection will not only provide you with plenty of chillies in a variety of colours and flavours, but they’re a neat and compact shape too, making them ideal for growing in a sunny spot on the patio, windowsill or conservatory!

Limited availability! Reserve yours today for delivery in mid-May.

1 Collection: (3 plants, 1 of each variety)

1 x Chilli Loco (hot) – small oval fruits that mature from purple to red, creating an attractive display.
1 x Chilli Basket of Fire (hot) – produces masses of small chillies in attractive colours.
1 x Chilli Cheyenne (hot) – arching habit that’s very well suited to growing in hanging baskets and containers.