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My straw has arrived!

by Diane - April 20th, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

There will be a photo as soon as it’s dry enough for me to take the camera out. We’ve had thunder and lightening this morning and now it’s lashing it down. Have stacked the bails and covered them with a tarp for now!

A simple photo just wasn’t enough! I was out playing with my video camera!

The man who delivered them asked what we were going to be doing with them. I told him mulching the potatoes and trying out straw bale gardening where you wet the bales and add fertiliser and then plant in them.
He told me they used to plant potatoes on straw when he was young. Put down the straw, put on the potatoes and earth over. The straw all disappears by the time you come to harvest the spuds too!

Straw bale gardening site in the USA – instructions on soaking your bales