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National Composting Week

by Diane - April 24th, 2012.
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National Composting Week is coming up soon! Sunday 6 to Saturday 12 May 2012 is National Composting Week!

So use this as an excuse to get composting!

You can have either a compost heap or a compost bin. A bin is tidier though!

You then have the choice as to have a cold heap or a hot heap? A hot heap is more complicated as you need to save layers of things and build a pile all in one go… Or you could treat yourself to this amazing compost bin called the Hotbin!

GreenFingers have this fantastic compost bin

HotBin Composter

HotBin Composter £137.99
90 days to homemade compost.
This hotbin can handle virtually all UK domestic food and garden waste and is the size of a wheelie bin. Manufactured from expanded polypropylene making it 100% recyclable it is a 200 litre hot aerobic composting bin that can easily achieve a temperature of 60’C. You can safely compost cooked food waste in this compost bin.

Look out for local composting events – perhaps your council will be giving away compost bins, or having composting lessons?