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Raised bed gardening

by Diane - April 25th, 2012.
Filed under: Harrod Horticultural.

Maxi Manger Trough PlanterIf your soil is poor or prone to waterlogging then one of the best options for growing veggies is to use raised beds.

Raised beds at Harrod Horticultural

Everything you need for creating beautiful raised beds. From the raised bed, to the soil, to the plants, and accessories you’ll need.
Wooden Raised Beds and Plastic Raised Beds
Lovely items like the Maxi Manger Trough Planter allows you to plant even in small spaces! Perfect for patios!
They even have Irrigation Kits, Raised Bed Liners, mesh covers, cold frame kits and all the things you’ll need to grow lovely veggies!