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Got clay? you need clay breaker

by Diane - April 26th, 2012.
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Clay breaker at Harrod Horticultural

Clay Breaker -

Clay Breaker – £6.95
The Clay Breaker could be your knight in shining armour if a heavy clay garden soil has almost convinced you to throw in the gardening towel; this pelleted organic soil additive rides to the rescue in autumn and turns sticky unworkable and often compacted clay soil into a more manageable growing medium.The agent in the clay breaker makes the soil easier to work and improves drainage and can be applied to lawns as well as vegetable plots allotments and herbaceous borders; simply scatter the pellets onto a roughly dug plot in autumn and enjoy cultivating your soil in the following seasons.Supplied in a 2.5kg box the clay breaker won’t affect the soil ph and can be used as a top dressing on lawns also in autumn.

Apply to a rough dug plot in autumn.

Clay breaker ideal for making heaviest of clay soils easier to work
• Will not affect soil ph levels
• Improves drainage and enhances soil warmth for earlier cropping
• Supplied in pelleted form
• Comes in 2.5kg container
• Apply in autumn to roughly dug soil
• Can also be applied as an autumn top dressing to lawns
• Blend of organic matter and gypsum
• Apply at rate of 200g per sqm
• Completely natural and organic
• Suitable for vegetable plots and ornamental beds and borders

You can also help break clay down by mulching soil as much as possible and incorporating as much organic matter as possible to soil.