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Don’t just throw it away!

by Diane - April 26th, 2012.
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There are lots of things that gardeners need that some people throw away!
Jam jars are really useful in the jamming season and when it’s time to pickle your veggies or make chutney. You can never have too many jars!
Even if you don’t grow fruit yourself why not ask the gardeners you know who do if they’d like you to save the jars.

If you store them up and find none of the gardeners you know want them, then why not try offering them on freecycle! There’s loads of jam makers who faced with a glut of fruit would love the jars.

Just wash them and leave them to dry properly before putting the lids on.

You should also compost all your vegetable peelings and lawn clippings. If you don’t want to have a compost heap why not ask a neighbour if they have one, and if they want your vegetable waste! It’s a shame to throw it away – even if it is recycled at the tip!