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Benefits of strulch

by Diane - April 27th, 2012.
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Strulch – is a straw based mulch.
Like all mulches it covers the soil and helps protect it in a number of ways.

It acts as a blanket for tender plants. Essential for protecting plants during the winter.
Keeps moisture in the soil.
Apply mulches after rain rather than on to dry soil for best effect.
Allows rain to penetrate the soil but protects the surface of the soil.
Encourages earth worms.
These are nature’s diggers and when they’re happy your soil gets better! Strulch creates a protective layer for the worms to come up to the soil surface more. The surface will be warmer as it’ll be like having a blanket on. The worms will pull bits of strulch down into the soil enriching the soil as they do so.
It’ll help suppress weeds. Annual weeds are often light activated so blocking the light stops them from germinating.
Strulch is lightweight which means it’s easy to apply. The bags aren’t heavy so you can move them about the garden.
You don’t need a deep layer of strulch. Just 3cm depth is enough.
It’ll last two years which means it’s good value and you don’t need to apply more every year.
It enriches the soil as it breaks down, feeding nitrogen to the soil.

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Strulch Garden Mulch - Single 100 ltr bag

Strulch Garden Mulch – Single 100 ltr bag £9.95
Strulch Garden Mulch is used by famous sites such as RHS Wisley Ryton Organic Gardens The Eden Project and has been featured on BBC Gardeners World at Berryfields. A light and easy to use mineralized wheat straw garden mulch which reduces weed growth by up to 95% enriches soil helps to retain moisture and offers protection around plants.Also featured on ITV’s This Morning Programme – 4th March 2008

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Strulch is made from organic shredded straw that has been treated with minerals