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What do gardeners during bad weather

by Diane - April 29th, 2012.
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Most of us stay indoors. Some might go out and fetch in the compost bin that’s decided to roll around outside. For most of us though staying in and curling up with a good book is a good idea.
If we start browsing on amazon then we’ll spot the Growbag Pots (Set Of 3)
that we’ve had our eye on for a while and perhaps even add them to our shopping basket.

It’s tempting to look at books too – Growing Tomato – books at Amazon and add a new one to the collection. Sometimes it’s nice to reread your existing gardening books. Sometimes things spring out that you’ve not noticed before – perhaps you read that comfrey doesn’t mind a boggy spot in the garden and decide you’ve found the perfect place for it.

In this weather it can be frustrating if you’ve got things to plant out. Just remember the weather is cold and wet and plants don’t like it anymore than we do either.

I’ve been reading through ‘Tomatoes for Everyone. including Ring Culture and growing on straw bales by Frank W. Allerton’ that I bought from a second hand shop for a tiny sum of money. It’s a fascinating book – some of which strikes me as quite bizarre. We’d never think of using formaldehyde to sterilise soil but it’s described in this book.

The book also mentions straw bales for growing tomatoes on and suggests a liner under them to allow the bottom inch to sit in any water that comes out from watering them. I shall have to put my straw bales on a sheet of plastic out on my plot to help them stay damp. I don’t dig them a trench to sit in but will instead look at fastening the corners of the plastic to make a trough around them! See what you can think of from reading!