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Allotments in the wind

by Diane - April 30th, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Sadly it’s not a very exciting bit of video – just shows a magpie swooping about and then the wind blowing at tarps covering weeds and compost heaps.

My partner Nic told me it’s the most boring video he’s ever seen – so you have been warned!

The main damage has been someone’s shed roof felting has partially come off. Their plastic greenhouse has also broken itself. It survived the wind the other day after blowing over so they tied it to the shed, sadly this just meant it mangled itself about as the wind ripped round it.

A compost bin blew about and was put safely at the edge of the site so it didn’t damage anyone’s plot. Lots of weed cover fabric came undone too – it seems the wind was powerful enough to keep at it until it got under and once it gets under a bit it makes it easier to rip away.