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Grass clippings – free!

by Diane - May 1st, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Big pile of grass clippingsWe have some grass areas on our street that get mowed by the council. Today I spoke to the man mowing the grass and asked if it was possible we could have the clippings on the allotment. He was very pleased to offload them with us as he has to travel some distance to empty the mower so it saved him time!
We got a big pile of grass clippings out of it too.
You can use grass clippings as a mulch on potatoes and it’s supposed to stop potato scab from forming. It’s also good as a mulch around onions and other plants. It can be used around shrubs too.

You’re not supposed to add it in really thick layers though else it heats up. Add a couple of inches at a time and it’s fine though apparently.
Free mulch is great and I know several people are going to be using this either as a mulch or on their compost heap.

I’m really pleased I caught the bloke this week as he’d been a fortnight ago but whilst I was out!
Just shows it pays to ask!

Would you like to know why you don’t pile deep grass clippings round plants?

They get hot.
This pile was at 30’C inside after just a few hours on the allotment. They were dropped off about half 10 this morning and it was about 7pm when we were outside taking the temperature.

The next day it’s at 41.5’C! Impressive! it’s changing colour inside going yellowy.