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Side shoots on tomatoes

by Diane - May 1st, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

Pinch them out or not?

There are lots of reasons not to let them grow –
they crowd the plant cutting air flow,
make it too heavy,
increase the watering demand on the plant,
make it harder to get other side shoots out
make it harder to keep an eye on the plant
makes it more likely the plant will get damaged under its own weight.

So pinch them out – or use a sharp knife if you don’t seem to be able to manage it. It’s easier when they’re very small to just remove them with a thumbnail but if you miss some they get bigger and it’s neater for the plant to get less damage if you use a sharp blade.

Don’t throw them away though! Stick them in a pot of compost, or bottle of water and see if they grow!

Free tomato plants!
Last year was the first year I tried this and I got some tomatoes off one of the side shoots I planted!
I will be doing this again – and giving them to friends so they can have a grow at growing tomatoes too!

Much too early for mine – I’ve only just planted my seeds! I feel like I’m starting a bit late but I reckon they’ll catch up soon enough!