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My experiment with grass clippings

by Diane - May 2nd, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

With the huge pile of grass clippings we got I decided to have an experiment.
I’ve got one end of a bed that tends to be a bit damp so I thought I’d experiment on this as I’m not sure what to grow in it yet.

This first video shows that I’ve put a layer of grass clippings all over the section of the bed at the end.

I’ve put out the seed potatoes in three rows along the grass cuttings and started to cover it up with top soil.

The potatoes are all covered up with top soil now.

What I might do with one end of the bed is mulch it up with straw, and mulch the other end of the potato bed with grass clippings. It’ll be a great chance to see if there’s any difference between the two.