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Top money saving hints for gardeners

by Diane - May 3rd, 2012.
Filed under: General Gardening.

Cheap shops that sell potatoes, onions and other plants are worth a look. Various pound shops and bargain stores have great deals on onion sets and small packs of spuds. Useful if you only want a few of each type. Supermarkets sell compost. It’s not bad value – Costco also sell compost which is great. All the DIY stores sell it too, as will your local garden centre. Shop around, compare prices.

Growbags are starting to appear in the supermarkets.

Lidl’s are £1.29

As soon as I find other prices I will post!

Buckets can be got from Morrisons – look in the flower section! Ask the assistant if they have any flower buckets for sale. They’re 8 for a quid which is pretty good value!

Seed swap with your gardening friends.

Try taking cuttings before buying plants. If your neighbour has a plant ask if you can try taking a cutting.

Look on Freecycle for great free stuff!