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Shred it and make mulch

by Diane - May 10th, 2012.
Filed under: Mulch, Suttons Seeds.

Got hedge cuttings that are a bit too big to compost? Shred them through this machine and you’ll quickly make great compost or use the clippings a tidy mulch.
Suttons Seeds have this great machine that has a long-lasting steel cutting gear blade that will slice through branches up to 40mm (1½”) in diameter.

How to shred mulch – make sure the branches aren’t too thick and put them through this machine. Collect the shreddings and either compost them in a heap for a few weeks or apply as a 2-3″ layer of mulch immediately.
Shredded material will compost down more quickly. Intermix layers of shreddings with grass clippings and other waste for a good compost mix.

Shredding hedge clippings means they take up less space too so are more likely to fit in your compost bin!

AL-KO Silent Power 5000 Electric Gear Shredder

AL-KO Silent Power 5000 Electric Gear Shredder £379.99
Shredding is a simple and environmentally friendly way to dispose of garden rubbish, and create a super organic mulch for beds and borders. The AL-KO Silent Power SP5000 shredder has a kickback-free feeder mechanism and a hardened steel gear that “pulls” the material through, crushing it silently and safely (because the material is crushed the rate of decomposition is accelerated, leading to quicker composting!). Features:• Reverse feed function to remove jammed material and ensure blockage-free operation.• Anti-friction rolling system which significantly reduces noise levels.• Long-lasting steel cutting gear blade that will slice through branches up to 40mm (1½”) in diameter.• A unique and extra sturdy undercarriage with larger wheels for enhanced stability and easy transport all around the garden.• 3 pin moulded plug & 6m (20′) cable. Weight 25kg.. . . . . .