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Gardening in the rain

by Diane - May 11th, 2012.
Filed under: General Gardening.

Essential hints to help you when it’s rainy weather

Make the most of the sunny spells. Even if you don’t do much, go out and survey the garden. Make a list of things to do – some of them will be fine to do in the rain.
Ignore the lawn except for removing dandelions. Long grass won’t hurt, it just looks a bit untidy. Cutting the lawn whilst the grass is wet is a complete nightmare so wait til it’s sunny and dry.
Remove flowering weed heads. Dispose of them in the bin not the compost heap
Think about raised beds – they take more effort making and looking after but if we’re going to have constantly wet springs and your garden is soggy then it’d mean you had somewhere to plant in.
Avoid walking on the dug beds.
Top up mulch at this time – only if it needs it.
Start things in pots under cover.
Think about a greenhouse if you’ve not got one.
Browse the sale at T&M for more seeds.
Get your boots on and go and do something on the allotment. Even if it’s only trying to earth up the potatoes a bit.
Weeds should come out easier when the soil is damp.
My dad swore by digging when the soil is damp as it’s easier. If you’ve got pure clay it’s probably a bit slippy.
Wear a coat and wellies and go out for a walk round your local area. See what other people have in their gardens. Apart from lots of rain of course.