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Sneeboer Weed Gouger

by Diane - May 11th, 2012.
Filed under: Harrod Horticultural.

Sneeboer Weed Gouger Sneeboer Weed Gouger
is only £17.95

Hand-made in Holland, each Sneeboer tool has been hand-forged in the finest stainless steel. It is individually shaped, polished and sharpened by hand before being fitted with a fine quality cherrywood handle. Anyone who has a Sneeboer tool will never want to use anything else…
• Measures 39cm overall
• Handle length is 13cm

Harrod Horticultural also have this more expensive tool for getting dandelions out.

Sneeboer Dandelion Weeder/Bulb Planter -

Sneeboer Dandelion Weeder/Bulb Planter – £84.95
Get two garden tools for your money and improve the look of both your lawn and borders with the Sneeboer Dandelion Weeder/Bulb Planter – an invaluable ambi-dextrous garden assistant! The 18cm (7) deep by 3cm (1″) diameter stainless steel cone – complete with foot peg – is deep enough to remove unwanted dandelions tap root and all from lawns and borders with the minimum of fuss whilst smaller bulbs can be planted quickly in the hole the Sneeboer Dandelion Weeder/Bulb Planter creates. The ash handle is fitted with a Victorian-style 33cm (13″) wide ‘T’ art the top to allow the relevant pressure to be applied and the Sneeboer Dandelion Weeder/Bulb Planter measures 103cm (40½”) overall.”