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Not got a shed but Want to collect water still?

by Diane - May 18th, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

collect water on compost bin roofI’ve not got a shed on my allotment and I can’t justify getting one, so I was wondering how I could collect water on my plot.
I’ve got a massive compost bin so thought about putting a sloped roof on that and adding guttering and a barrel.
I mentioned it to the bloke on the plot next to me who has an equally bin compost bin and he’s cut the wood for his roof for his compost roof already!
He’s impressed with the idea so is going to get on and get his sorted. I’ve got to find some long pallet wood to use. I’d been given four long pallets but gave the ones I hadn’t used on my bin to this bloke for his bin.

Hopefully I’ll find some long bits of wood, plastic and a barrel – I’ve got a bit of guttering although I don’t know if it’s long enough!