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Thinking about autumn already?

by Diane - June 13th, 2012.
Filed under: Thompson and Morgan.

The weather this year has been really bizarre with hot, wet, cold, wet, hot, wet, cold weather almost constantly cycling through. It is driving plants mad but the weeds are thriving. A few people have also been saying to me how well the slugs and snails are doing this year.

Is it time to start thinking about autumn planting? If your summer crops aren’t doing so well, cheer yourself up by starting to plant what you can plant in the Autumn and we’ll all hope for better weather.
Broad beans and garlic are two vegetables that spring to mind instantly when you say autumn planting. A friend on our allotment site planted his broad beans in the autumn and he is picking his already. Mine are just flowering and starting to form – so as well as keeping the ground occupied, it also means an earlier crop!

You can also plant overwintering onions and shallots.
Of course the weather could cheer up and the summer veggies could take off, give us a good crop and make us busy right up until it’s time to put away the spade for winter!