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Gardeners World 2012

by Diane - June 15th, 2012.
Filed under: General Gardening.

The TV show Gardeners World – do you watch it on TV or catch up on iplayer?

You can only watch them for 14 days after they’ve been on TV but probably wise to keep up with the for the seasonal advice!

Monty’s hint of don’t water potatoes until they’re flowering needs noting!

I’ve always enjoyed watching gardening programs on TV. I prefer those with vegetable gardening or interesting projects to watch. I don’t mind watching about flower shows but unless it’s something really special they’re going to see it can be a bit dull. I’m not overkeen on flowers – not that I dislike them, but prefer to find out more about other aspects of gardening.
I used to watch Gardeners world back when Geoff Hamilton used to present it. I loved the show then – even though I was young, as I loved gardening and pottered in my gran’s greenhouse all the time.
With the weather being so bad at the moment it’s nice to know you can watch gardening programs on iplayer to catch up with your favourites.
Monty Don’s garden is Longmeadow – Geoff Hamilton’s was Barnsdale. I love the parts of the program they do on their own gardens.