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Allotment thefts

by Diane - June 22nd, 2012.
Filed under: allotment.

More allotment thefts – it’s bad news to have thefts on allotments.

What can you do to reduce thefts?

  • Make the site secure
    Get fencing and gates to keep people out. This isn’t always possible on some
    sites though.
  • Ask neighbours to keep a look out.
    Your site neighbours should be the eyes and ears for the plot!
  • Ask plotholders to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour.
  • Keep the gate locked at all times.
    How many people could wonder on to a big site with a spade in hand and not
    be challenged?
  • Think about property marking your tools. Engrave or stamp your postcode
    on to them.
  • Speak to the local crime prevention officer.
  • Install shed alarms.
  • Chain tools together. It’s harder to carry a fork or spade away if it’s
    attached to a wheelbarrow.
  • Look at getting some smart water to mark property. Display signs to say
    things have been marked with it.
  • Watch out for second hand gardening items being sold.