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Got a meadow? You need a Scythe Mower

by Diane - June 22nd, 2012.
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Scythe Mowers at Mow Direct

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Perfect for untamed areas that would defeat a brushcutter or a conventional mower! Ideal for orchards, wild areas and spaces you know would be too tedious to mow or brushcut!

Al-Ko BM875II Scythe Bar Mower (Delivered Assembled)

Al-Ko BM875II Scythe Bar Mower (Delivered Assembled) £799.00
For smaller areas of meadow and pasture choose this more compact model. It has the same outstanding design and build qualities and features the same 5hp engine. The mowing bar is slightly smaller at 87 cm and the 45 cm track single wheels are intended for more level terrain, however forward drive still makes for comfortable operation on areas of rough. A great buy! PLUS! FREE MANUFACTURER’S PDI! This product receives a Pre-Delivery Inspection and is delivered assembled and ready to use in accordance with the manufacturer’s stated requirements. FREE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS. 24 MONTH MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY ON AL-KO SCYTHE MOWERS.

Apache M210 Sickle Bar Mower

Apache M210 Sickle Bar Mower £899.00
This self-propelled sickle bar mower (or scythe mower) will cut long grass, tall weeds and light scrub in paddocks, orchards and meadows. It is designed to operate in conditions where you can’t use an ordinary mower. Equipped with a powerful 5 hp Briggs & Stratton Quantum XM engine, the Apache M210 has a pivoting, double reciprocating mulch bar with height adjustment skids and cutter bar clutch. The cutting width is 87cm/34″ and the drive system operates via a clutched v-belt. The handles are adjustable for height and can be offset to the left or right. The wheels have solid track grip tyres for inclines and rough terrain. Weight 56kg. FREE DELIVERY 3-4 DAYS! 12 MONTH MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY.

Lawnflite-Pro Powered Scythe Mower

Lawnflite-Pro Powered Scythe Mower £999.00
This powered scythe mower from Lawnflite-Pro features a smooth running 4 hp Honda engine and has an extra wide 92 cm (36”) width of cut to get the job done faster. Lawnflite-Pro scythe mowers are hard wearing and have been built to last. Ideal for tackling long, thick grass found in meadows and paddock areas, the Lawnflite-Pro Scythe Mower has a fully floating head to help cope with uneven ground and will also tackle brambles and other vegetation that would not be suitable for a conventional mower or ride-on tractor. This is a self-propelled model with single speed forward drive. Pneumatic tyres and an anti-vibration handle make for more comfortable operation. The handle is also fully height adjustable to suit the individual operator. An ideal choice if you are looking for a superior scythe mower that will offer years of reliable service. PLUS! FREE MANUFACTURER’S PDI! This product receives a Pre-Delivery Inspection and is delivered assembled and ready to use in accordance with the manufacturer’s stated requirements. FREE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS. 24 MONTH MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY ON LAWNFLITE-PRO SCYTHE MOWERS.

Al-Ko BM5001R Scythe Mower (Delivered Assembled)

Al-Ko BM5001R Scythe Mower (Delivered Assembled) £1149.00
Tried and tested technology, outstanding cutting performance and exemplary reliability are qualities you’ll find built into every AL-KO scythe mower. This top of the range model has both forward and reverse gears for ease of movement. It’s particularly stable on slopes thanks to the unique twin wheels and the 5hp Tecna 4T BVL engine which provides sufficient power for even the most demanding of tasks. The large 91 cm cutting width ensures a swifter completion of the task at hand. Specially hardened blades with a hinged guide system ensure a very long service life. The height of the cutting bar can be continuously adjusted to suit working conditions and each end is protected by a safety package to prevent damage from walls, fences and kerbs when mowing alongside. PLUS! FREE MANUFACTURER’S PDI! This product receives a Pre-Delivery Inspection and is delivered assembled and ready to use in accordance with the manufacturer’s stated requirements. FREE DELIVERY 2-3 DAYS PLUS FREE ASSEMBLY. 24 MONTH WARRANTY ON AL-KO SCYTHE MOWERS.

Bertolini 401 Scythe Mower (Special Offer)

Bertolini 401 Scythe Mower (Special Offer) £1399.00
If your garden contains untamed areas that would defeat a brushcutter or a conventional mower, then the impressive Bertolini 401 Scythe Mower provides the perfect solution. Its heavy-duty cutter-bar gives a working width of 95cm, so large areas can be covered with seed and efficiency; while its oil-bathed transmission confers the durability that’s essential when regularly tackling intensive cultivation applications. Power for this model comes from a high-specification 4.8hp Honda OHV engine that will prove ultra-reliable; clean-burning; and quiet-running.

DR FBM Premier 12.5HP Field & Brush Mower

DR FBM Premier 12.5HP Field & Brush Mower £1699.00
Developing huge amounts of power and torque from its 12.5hp Briggs & Stratton engine, the DR FBM Premier will scythe with ease through large areas of dense grass, saplings, weeds and brush. Its four-speed commercial-grade transmission includes a reverse gear for added manoeuvrability and allows you to work at the most effective pace for the task in hand. This heavy-duty machine has a very generous 61cm cutting-width, making it ideal for large-scale applications.

Bertolini 403 Scythe Mower

Bertolini 403 Scythe Mower £2098.00
This lightweight and highly manoeuvrable scythe mower from Bertolini is suitable for large-scale domestic-use and will cut effortlessly through brush, bramble and dense grass. It’s powered by an easy-starting 163cc four-stroke Honda engine, which offers improved fuel-economy and reduced emissions without compromising on power-output; and it features a four-speed transmission (2 + 2), so you can work at a ground-speed that’s most appropriate for the type of vegetation you’re clearing. The Bertolini 403 is compatible with the optional tiller attachment, which can be quickly fitted without using tools.

Bertolini 411/9H Heavy-Duty Scythe Mower

Bertolini 411/9H Heavy-Duty Scythe Mower £2598.00
Thanks to its compact design and zero-turn capability, the Bertolini 411/9H will enable you to access areas that would be impossible to reach with a bulky ride-on or lawn tractor. It’s equipped with a heavy-duty 115cm scythe-blade, which will cut with ease through well established undergrowth; and it’s fitted with a powerful and smooth-running 270cc Honda engine that will prove ultra-reliable and consistently easy to start. This rugged, commercial-grade machine has a six-speed transmission (3 + 3) with a differential lock for extra traction on tricky terrain. Oil-immersed gears confer exceptional longevity; while comprehensive vibration-damping ensures you’ll be able to complete the task in comfort.

Bertolini 411/10 Commercial Scythe Mower

Bertolini 411/10 Commercial Scythe Mower £3598.00
This heavy-duty, diesel-driven scythe mower from Bertolini is fitted with an extra-wide 115cm scythe-blade, so it’s ideal for the sort of large-scale brush and grass-clearance applications that are regularly tackled by professional landscapers. It’s fitted with a hugely powerful 401cc engine, which drives the wheels as well as the blade for effortless handling; and it’s equipped with a six-speed gearbox for superior manoeuvrability and enhanced flexibility-of-use. Independently-controlled wheels make it possible to perform zero-turn manoeuvres; while a height-adjustable, vibration-insulated handle works to maximise operator-comfort. Numerous easy-to-fit attachments are available.

Bertolini 411/10E Commercial Scythe Mower (with Electric Start)

Bertolini 411/10E Commercial Scythe Mower (with Electric Start) £4098.00
The Bertolini 411/10E is a top-of-the range, commercial-duty machine which is equipped with an extra-wide 115cm scythe-blade and a premium-quality 410cc diesel engine with a stress-busting electric starter. It offers manifold high-specification features, including a differential lock for added traction on inclines and wet ground; a six-speed transmission with independent wheel-drive for enhanced manoeuvrability in space-restricted areas; and a rapid forward / reverse shuttle for swift direction change. A wide choice of attachments is available.