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Top vegetables to think about for Autumn planting

by Diane - June 25th, 2012.
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Even if your summer has been a wash out so far that doesn’t mean it will stay like this! We’ve been promised good weather from the end of the first week in July.

If you’re not that optimistic then you might find it’s time to plan your autumn crops. Take lessons from other more experiences plot holders. When they start planting in the autumn ask what they’re planting!
Broad beans, garlic and shallots are all worth considering for autumn planting. It’s too early to be buying them yet though – so bookmark this page and come back to it nearer the time.

Autumn planting vegetables at Thompson and Morgan

1. Broad beans.
The plotholder on my site has already picked his broad beans and eaten them! Mine planted in spring still aren’t ready.
This autumn I will be planting a row of them on my plot. I will also plant some in spring too though! I love broad beans!

2. Shallots. It’s said that you should plant shallots on the shortest day and harvest them on the longest. That’s that sorted then! It gives them a longer growing season and they’re hardy enough to survive a winter!

3. Salad leaves
Includes lambs lettuce, spinach, mixed leaves! You can try lettuce under a cloche or in pots in a greenhouse. Be brave!