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Potato flowers

by Diane - July 3rd, 2012.
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Got to be closer to actually digging some up.
potato flowers

Whilst you can count in weeks you’re best waiting until they have flowered and the flowers are starting to finish.
You can always have a test scrape around carefully with your fingers and see what you can find. If you only find tiny ones then leave them a bit longer.

Generally main crop spuds are ready in August or September.

Remember that 2012 has been a strange year weatherwise (And we’re only at July) so things aren’t going quite as they would do normally. Be patient.

First earlies can be ready in 12-13 weeks – they are meant to be quite small.

Pick your potatoes just before you want to eat them – vital for getting the best flavour from first earlies – or new potatoes as they are known!

If you get a poor crop then you can blame it on several things. There are several pests that attack potatoes – slugs will eat tubers. This year we have had lots of potato foliage eaten – we think by slugs as we have seen slugs on plants.

Putting a fork through a spud when you are digging them up is annoying.

When harvesting main crop pick a nice day and leave them to dry in the sun. This hardens the skins a bit and makes them store better.

Storing – empty out periodically and remove any soft or manky ones.