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Going to Interesting museum – The Zuider Zee Museum

by Diane - July 10th, 2012.
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The Zuider Zee Museum in Enkhuizen is where you can eat
kippers straight out of the oil drum that they are smoked in.

Plus they have hand made sweets from the sweetshop as well as
sausages from the butchers shop there, plus a brushmakers.

The building was the 17th
century spice warehouse of the Dutch East
Indies Company.

The place is magic, it contains everything a foreigner expects in NL,
but rarely finds. The indoor museum with classic Dutch
sailing boats

in a hall in a dry dock is worth visiting too.

There’s a picture of the smoke

It also has a lot of traditional vegetable, flowers and fruit gardens
around the houses, including orchards full of fruit at the right time
of the year.