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BeeKeeping Books at Amazon

by Diane - July 18th, 2012.
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Manual: The Complete Step-by-step Guide to Keeping Bees

This is one of the books I’ve got. It’s really detailed with tons of photos and diagrams explaining everything. The book is a really useful guide to everything you need to do to manage your bees. It’s easy to read and the pictures make it a perfect book for the beginner. It is well worth the money to start you off with a clear overview and detailed look at bee keeping.

Bill Turnbull, Claire Waring, Adrian Waring

RRP: £21.99
Price: £15.39
You Save: £6.60 (30%)

to Bees & Honey: The World’s Best Selling Guide to Beekeeping

This is a really indepth book for beekeepers.

Ted Hooper

RRP: £12.99
Price: £9.09
You Save: £3.90 (30%)

Bad Beekeepers Club: How I stumbled into the Curious World of Bees – and became
(perhaps) a Better Person

Bill Turnbull

RRP: £8.99
Price: £5.30
You Save: £3.69 (41%)

Practical Manual of Beekeeping: How to Keep Bees and Develop Your Full Potential
as an Apiarist

Some photos and diagrams. This is a much more wordy book than the haynes bee manual but it’s an interesting read and he’s a fascinating bee keeper!

David Cramp

RRP: £14.99
Price: £10.49
You Save: £4.50 (30%)

Started In Beekeeping: Teach Yourself

Adrian Waring, Claire Waring

I think this one has to be next on my list. Another from Adrian and Claire.

RRP: £10.99
Price: £6.04
You Save: £4.95 (45%)

Suitable both for those just considering the prospect and those who are already
fascinated beekeepers, this guide to setting up, maintaining and maximising
bees in the back garden is an indispensable and readable bible of information
and practical advice. It covers everything from bee behaviour to what to do
with honey, and balances all the background context on bee biology with the
day-to-day and seasonal practicalities of running hives in any location, in
the country or the city, and for colonies of all sizes.

Keeping: Inspiration and Practical Advice for Would-be Smallholders (Country

Andrew Davies

RRP: £6.99
Price: £5.59
You Save: £1.40 (20%)

Bees: A Complete Practical Guide

Paul Peacock

RRP: £12.99
Price: £9.09
You Save: £3.90 (30%)

Complete Step-by-step Book of Beekeeping: A Practical Guide to Beekeeping, from
Setting Up a Colony to Hive Management and Harvesting the Honey, Shown in Over
400 Photographs

David Cramp

RRP: £12.99
Price: £9.09
You Save: £3.90 (30%)