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Best selling bedding plants from Jersey Plants Direct

by Diane - July 18th, 2012.
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Time to start thinking about ordering your autumn bedding plants. JPD offer free delivery on every order.

Whilst the weather experts have promised us a summer starting in the next week or so most people are looking forward to the autumn as a chance to get on and plant other things.
There’s plenty of autumn and winter colour available at Jersey Plants Direct with these special offers available.

Mixed Autumn Bedding Collection 50 plants + 20 FREE
Looking for a mix of bedding plants in smaller quantities – this is the collection for you!Varieties are: Pansy Grande Fragrance: This beautifully scented plant has large flowers and is an excellent winter performer. Primrose Valiant: A fully frost hardy primrose. Pansy Cascadia (Trailing): A unique trailing variety that is ideal for hanging baskets and containers. Each variety will bloom at different times from autumn to spring/early summer.This collection of our best selling autumn bedding plants is perfect for smaller gardens where space is limited but you still want variety.

Pansy Grande Fragrance 50 Plants + 20 FREE
Beautifully scented Pansy with large flowersPansies are part of the Viola family. Pansy Grande fragrance is one of our favourite Pansies, available for sale in the Autumn and the Spring. The brightly coloured faces of these large flowers are also scented. Perfect for the front of your borders or in patio pots and containers and are an excellent winter performer.

Pansy Can Can 50 Plants + 20 FREE
The original and best ruffled pansyPansies are part of the Viola family. This beautiful ruffled pansy comes in a mix of pastel colours with dark centres. These pansies will flower from April through to October providing a fantastically long flowering period. Pansy Can Can is the original and best ruffled pansy.

Wallflower Fortune 50 Plants + 20 FREE
Scented and perfect filling those winter gaps This variety of wallflower is a F1 variety which is scented. Lovely long lasting displays from this reliable bedding plant.

Primrose Rosebud 50 Plants + 20 FREE
Early flowering and great for a house plantThese bedding plants produce flowers that are like clusters of miniature roses making it a lovely primrose for winter colour. They also make a great houseplant

Primrose Valiant 100 Plants + 60 FREE
Ideal for adding some colour in winterThis variety is a customer favourite, a fantastic primrose for winter colour. These bedding plants are fully frost hardy and specifically bred for winter performance.