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Order now to plant in August

by Diane - July 20th, 2012.
Filed under: Suttons Seeds.

A small selection of seeds you can order now for planting in August.

Banana Plant Seed
Easy to grow, this magnificent giant can grow 1m a year, with leaves 2m to 3m long. After several years it sends up a final ‘firework’; a huge, stunning flowering spike. In its native home, East Africa, it is grown for its seeds, which are used for flour, and its stems, eaten as vegetables.. Packet Contents 5 seeds

Cactus ‘Prickly Characters’ Seeds
A mixture of curious and interesting plants! Enjoy watching them grow and see what develops! Varieties may vary from those pictured. Height up to 30cm (12).. Average Packet Contents 90 seeds

Calendula Lemon Zest Seeds
Dwarf, well branched, quick-growing plants that are ideal for pots and tubs as well as summer bedding. The plants had one of the longest flowering periods of calendulas in our trials, and were very weather hardy too! Ideal for cutting. Easy to grow – ideal for beginners. The brightly coloured flowers are cheerful in borders whatever the weather. HA – Hardy annual. Height 20cm (8).. Average Packet Content 120 seeds

Coleus Rainbow Mix Seeds
Beautiful colours with a wide variety of leaf markings. Pinch out to produce a branching habit. Easy to grow foliage plants for greenhouses or summer patios. GP – Greenhouse perennial. Height 45cm (18).. Average Packet Content 100 seeds

Cyclamen Hardy – Hederifolium Winter Cheer Seeds
Beautifully marbled foliage with flowers in white or pale rose. A widely grown winter-flowering pot plant. Neat, decorative foliage. HP – Hardy perennial. Height 7.5-15cm (3-6). RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.. Packet Content 12 seeds

Forget-Me-Not Royal Blue Seeds
Recommended for borders. Rich blue. Often used as underplanting for tulips. Naturalises easily and grows successfully in most soils. HB – Hardy biennial. Height 30cm (12).. Average Packet Content 400 seeds