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Bald patch in lawn

by Diane - August 1st, 2012.
Filed under: Lawn.


I have a bold patch in the lawn what can I do?

Consider first why you have a bald patch.

Some people have wear and tear on their lawn from using it. If this is the case and the bald patch is on a pathway why not consider putting a paving stone in this spot? It’ll save you having to replace it again next year or the year after.

A bald spot after burying a pet however can be easily covered with grass seed in the top soil and this will grow and fill the gap.

If a child’s slide or swing has been causing this mark and has been moved to another part of the garden then you could leave the grass to recover on its own if it’s not too badly damaged, or seed, or even cut a patch of turf from a roll. New turf is the most expensive option though and most gardeners will want to avoid this for not only the expense but the additional care of watering a new patch of lawn.