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Pre planted containers

by Diane - August 15th, 2012.
Filed under: Jersey Plants.

pre planted containersA great idea – pre planted containers

2 Pre-Planted Containers Wallflower Fortune

Save time and money with these pre-planted containers
Perfect for brightening up and adding some much needed colour during the winter to your patio, garden and conservatory. Each container comes straight to you pre-planted – all you have to do is position them and water. Much easier! They are made from specially created light and re-usable plastic and we use compost with added water retaining Raingel and feed which will last all season.

Colour Yellow, primrose, red, scarlet, bronze.
Flowering Autumn to Spring
Planting Position Full Sun to Partial Shade
Sold As Pre-Planted Pots/Containers
Despatch Period Throughout October
Each container comes complete with 5 Wallflower Fortune plants, compost, FREE Raingel and feed treatment. Care instructions included.

2 Pre-Planted Containers Polyanthus High Seas

2 Pre-Planted Containers Pansy Galore