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Bob Flowerdew books

by Diane - August 17th, 2012.
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Bob Flowerdew books at Amazon

In particular I love this one –
The No-Work Garden: Getting the Most Out of Your Garden for the Least Amount of Work by Bob Flowerdew and Jerry Harpur (16 Sep 2004)

It’ll get you thinking about gardening in a whole new way!
Tired of doing repetitive tasks in the garden? Bob will explain ways of changing this – giving you ideas on how to garden with less effort!

The Bob’s Basics range is worth a look – handy books –
Companion Planting: Bob’s Basics
Sowing, Planting, Watering and Feeding (Bob’s Basics)
Pruning and Tidying (Bob’s Basics)
Weeding without Chemicals (Bob’s Basics)
Composting (Bob’s Basics)
Simple, Green Pest and Disease Control (Bob’s Basics)